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    Raw LEDs

    When you see an LED, most of the time, it is in a finished product such as a LED Flash Light, LED Toy or on a LED Sign. Most manufacturers order raw LEDs for their production. Raw LEDs are just the semiconductor diodes that are soldered to electronic devices. These Raw LEDs ( usually just called LEDs or Diodes) come in many different colors.

    The color of the light, emitted by the LED, depends on the make up and composition of the semiconductor materials. Colors include Red, White, Blue and many more. LEDs can also be constructed to emit infrared as well regular household lighting.

    The first LED was created in the mid 1920's and since then many different variation of the LED was created. At first the diode (bulb) of the LED would be painted to emit the desired color. Later different semiconductor materials (such gallium arsenide) were used, along with wavelength technology, to create the different color effect.

    See Some on the Most Popular Raw LEDs Below!

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