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    White LEDs

    White LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are made of Red, Green and Blue (RGB) which come together emit the color white. Many white LEDs are made from other LED. The degree of combination of color to produce the white LED is quite complicated. The approach, created by Nichia, to produce white LEDs required the LED to emit the color yellow to stimulate the Red and Green receptors in OUR eyes give it the LED a color impression of White.

    White LEDs is one of the most popular colors available since it can be used in many products. Many new LED light bulbs feature high intensity white LEDs and these diodes can be found in today's most reliable and durable flashlights. White LEDs have also been manufactured in automotive lights, home lighting and outdoor products. Through the introduction of innovative commodity products such as the LED Light Bulb, these light emitting diodes have really helped push the demand and technology of LEDs.

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