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    3M shows off ultra-compact LED projector

    by Patrick Kennedy

    The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas annually draws some of the latest and greatest products to be introduced to consumers and manufacturers. At last week's show, 3M demonstrated to consumer electronics manufacturers its latest advancement in the emerging field of miniature projection technology.

    3M scientists developed a breakthrough ultra-compact, LED-illuminated projection engine designed for integration into virtually any personal electronic device. About the size of a wireless earpiece and less than half an inch thick, the 3M mobile projection engine delivers brilliant resolution images and is capable of projecting a 40-inch or larger image.

    Polaroid drew attention in Las Vegas when it introduced its Polaroid Digital Instant Mobile Photo Printer. The size of a deck of cards, the printer can connect to digital cameras or camera phones and can make 2-by-3-inch prints in seconds. The printer connects to cameras through a PictBridge USB cable and to phones through Bluetooth.

    The iPod has been the consumer electronics choice for years, and an entire accessories industry has grown up around it. For those who find the fit of standard iPod earphones uncomfortable -- or if they keep falling out -- Hearing Components, an Oakdale-based company, has a potential solution: Whoomp! Earbud Enhancers, which the company says will convert ordinary iPod/iPhone earbuds into a high-end stereo experience. Hearing Components' patented Comply foam technology helps the earbuds fit better and keeps out more outside noise. Whoomp! Earbud Enhancers cost $19.95.

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