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    Rome Switches to Energy Efficient

    Rome is taking on a massive overhaul of its lights. Workers are replacing all lightbulbs in city buildings, and city leaders say it'll save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    At first glance it looks like regular lights at city hall in Rome. But they're actually energy efficient lights bulbs. City leaders say it'll save money on the power bill, which runs close to a million dollars a year. Public Works Commissioner Frank Tallarino says, "With the increased cost in utilities now we're trying to strive to make our buildings and our facilities as efficient as possible to reduce those costs."

    The city is undertaking a massive project to replace lightbulbs in 10 municipal buildings, including the police station. The company "Johnson Control" will change the old boilers and put in modern ones. Overall the project will save the city about $350,000 each year. Neighbors say, "It's a good idea. Anything to save money."

    The city is also in the process of changing the lights in traffic signals throughout Rome. The new L.E.D. lights burn less electricity and help cut down on the power bill. That will be combined with a project to make all city buildings more energy efficient, by sealing doors and windows. The entire project will cost the city about $1.5 Million. Some of that will be funded by state aid. It should be finished by summertime.

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